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Small production SFE 5L / 2*5L / 10L / 2*10L


Machine designed to perform production of natural products.

Exemples : Hemp / Cannabis, hops, aroma plants.

Main advantages :

  • Wide range of process condition (0-350bar / 0-150°C / 0-24kg/h or 0-40kg/h).
  • Maximum yield.
  • Easy / quick operation.
  • Small footprint.
  • Low CO2 consumption.
  • Semi-automation with recipes.
pilot equipment sfe production

Include components :

Components Description
CO2 pump Variable flow rate from 0 to 24 Kg/h (SFE 5L and SFE 2*5L).
Variable flow rate from 0 to 40 Kg/h (SFE 10L and SFE 2*10L).
Variable pressure from 0 to 350 bar.
Pre-Heater An electrical pre-heater before the extrator.
Extration vessel A heated extration vessel (5L / 10L) with extration basket.
Mono-vessel : 5L or 10L.
Double-vessel : 2*5L or 2*10L working in serie or parallel.
Two cyclonic separators For extract separation / collection of extracts and CO2 recycling.
Pressure control automated Back pressure regulator to control the pressure.
Display and operating control Semi-automation with recipe and user-friendly synoptic view.

Main options :

Components Description
Co-solvent pump Flow rate up to 100 ml/min at 350 bar.
Pressure Up to 1000 bar.
Extract fractionation Separate waxes in 1st separator.
Separate light oil in 2nd separator
3rd separator To trap lightest and volatile compounds.
Filter Absorbent bed cartridge in the recycling loop to trap lightest and volatile particles.


pilot equipment sfe production

SFE 5L and 3rd separator