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The SFE is versatile "multi-solvent" extraction equipment with precise control of process parameters for analytical purposes :

  • Extraction with supercritical CO2 at pressures up to 1000 bar (15 000 PSI) and temperatures up to 150°C allowing very high pressure extraction over a very wide range of operating parameters and more opportunities to use supercritical CO2 as non-flammable, non-toxic and environment friendly solvent.
  • High pressure and subcritical water extraction up to 400 bar and 250°C.
Supercritical Equipment SFE 1l

Include components :

Components Description
CO2 pump Variable flow rate from 0 to 100 g/min.
Variable pressure from 0 to 1000 bar.
Extration vessel A heated extraction vessel of 1L with a basket.
Separators For extract separation / collection of extracts and CO2 recycling.
Pressure Control Back pressure regulator to control the pressure.
Control board Display and record process value.

Option :

Components Description
Co-solvent pump Flow rate up to 24 ml/min and pressure 400 bar.
2nd or 3rd separator Separators that can be used as a step of separation or with absorbent bed cartbtidge.
Stirrer Supply of a magnetic stirrer installed on the extractor at 350 or 700 bar.
Automation Data acquisition and recording process value on a PC.
Additional control with automated valve, to be discussed.
Basket Supply of additional baskets of 200 / 500 ml.
Sampling loop Pressurized sampling loop for collecting extract in a precise volume allowing to make on line sample analysis.
Column Liquid fractionation column module.
Supercritical Equipment Drawing 3d

SFE with Co-Solvent pump and filter

Other option :

Components Description
Sapphire Windows on the extraction cell for visualization (consult Extratex to define the conditions).
Spectroscopy On-line spectroscopy cell to be placed at the exit of the extractor.