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SFE 80L up to 1000L

Extratex bring together the know-how of supercritical process development within the know-how of equipment engineering and manufacturing to deliver the most efficient machine.

High productivity from 1 to 1500 T/year.

Standard or taylor-made equipment designed according to scale-up from experimental results.

Pre-engineering to determine best design and cost estimation (OPEX / CAPEX) can be advised.

Most famous applications :

  • Solid extraction
  • Liquid fractionation (column)
  • Impregnation
  • Particle spraying

Include components :

Components Description
CO2 pump Variable flow rate depending on vessel size and request (from 100kg/h to 3T/h).
Variable pressure from 0 to 1000 bar.
Extration vessel A heated extration vessel or multi-vessels (80L / 100L / 200L / 500L) with extration basket.
Other volumes and adaptation to other SCF processes are available on request.
Multi separators For extract separation / collection of extracts.
Vent vessel Safety end vent valve go through a vessel before exhaust.
CO2 buffer tank Designed for operations up to 100 bar and 100°C with level control.
Save CO2 after each batch.
Cooling and heating utilities Air cooled chiller, sub-cooler, condenser, pre-heater and evaporator.
Display and operating control Automated recipe with PLC.
Batch cycle optimization (with multi-vessels).

Option :

Components Description
Co-solvent pump Variable flowrate depending on request.
Column Liquid fractionation column module.
Supercritical Equipment SFE 2x80L

SFE 2x80L

According to its expertise, Extratex can advice the client or its product development phase.

Pre-processing (drying, sorting, grinding) and post-processing ( water removing, dewaxing, decoloration, etc.) need also to be taken into consideration.