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Subcritical water system

Our laboratory extraction equipment using supercritical CO2 as a solvent is also compatible with the use of subcritical water.Maintained liquid despite a temperature above 100°C by an increase in its pressure, the water thus called subcritical sees its solvent properties modified. Weakly polar compounds thus become soluble in water.

This process allows:

  • Perform extractions on undried products
  • Adjust water solubility characteristics by changing process parameters
  • Freedom from organic solvents
  • To extract phenolic compounds

For larger applications, our equipment is developed specifically for this process.

subcritical water system
Subcritical water equipment 1L

Supercritical water system

Supercritical Water Oxydation (SCOW), sometimes referred to as Hydrothermal Oxidation is a high-efficiency, thermal oxidation process capable of treating a wide variety of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.

The reaction takes place at elevated temperature (above 374°C) and pressure (above 220.5 bar) above the critical point. SCOW is ideally suited for treating waste streams containing high concentrations of water and do not produce hazardous air pollutants and Nox. This process allows to optimize cycle time and efficiency (destruction up to 99.9%) and allows to work at lower temperatures compare to conventional thermic processes.

Example of applications:

  • Pre-treatment – oxidation of organic sludge
  • Depolymerisation of plastic wastes containing PVC and chloride ions
  • Destruction of ion-exchange resins

ExtrateX is able to propose you a tailor-made solution for high-temperature and high-pressure processes using supercritical water.

Different reactor capacity with innovative sealing system can be proposed and adapted to your needs. Our system are especially designed with corrosion-resistant alloys such as Inconel, Hastelloy and titanium to avoid corrosion.

Contact us for more information regarding our subcritical and supercritical water systems.

supercritical water reactor
Supercritical water reactor for submarine