high pressure manometer



Extratex has developed its own range of piston, centrifugal, HP pumps for various applications.

Designed up to 1000 bar, piston pumps for liquefied gas require efficient cooling and reliable mechanical design. Equipped with cooled head on a maximum surface in order to avoid cavitation, the pump is to be installed with chilled water circulation at 0°C and single phase electricity.

High pressure pump 100g/min

Like all piston pump, this pump is volumetric type pump. Our pump can be ordered either for uncompressible liquids or for compressible liquified gases like CO2.

Flow rate CO2 : 0 - 90 g/min at 400 bar and 0 - 50 g/min at 1000 bar.
Liquid : 0 - 100 ml/min.
Chiller Supply of the pump including water chiller for CO2 use.
Flow meter Supply of a Coriolis flow meter with closed loop flow rate control.
Frame Supply of a frame on wheels for the pump with chiller.
high pressure pump CO2
High pressure piston pump

Electronic control includes software which manages motor speed frequency, function of CO2 pressure and density. Compressibility effects of CO2 are therefore taken into account, for a perfect control of flow-rate.

A user-friendly configuration screen allows to choose the control mode and setpoint (flowrate control, pressure control or frequency control).

High pressure pump 150kg/h

Like all piston pump, this pump is volumetric type pump. Our pumps are designed with 3 cooled head working either with uncompressible liquids or compressible liquified gases like CO2.

M series FACTO M350 up to 24kg/h at 350 bar.
FACTO M700 up to 18kg/h at 700 bar.
FACTO M1000 up to 12kg/h at 1000 bar.
X series FACTO X350 up to 150kg/h at 350 bar.
FACTO X700 up to 100kg/h at 700 bar.
FACTO X1000 up to 60kg/h at 1000 bar.
high pressure pump CO2
High pressure piston pump
Chiller Supply of a chiller for CO2 cooling.
Flow meter Supply of a Coriolis flow meter with closed loop flow rate control on cabinet.
Frame Supply of a frame on wheels for the pump with chiller.

High pressure centrifugal pump

These pumps are useful for creating high flow circulation outside a vessel.

They are used for instance in some reaction, impregnation and dyeing processes, and when there is a need of high external flow rate and/or a need of reheating/cooling, mixing, checking and modifying the composition or the properties of the fluid in a high-pressure reactor.

Our pumps are driven by a magnetic seal-less motor, with no leaking or contamination from the outside, and no dynamic sealing.

Flow rate 0 to 100 L/h or 0.1 to 3 m3/h
high pressure centrifugal pump
High pressure centrifugal pump

High pressure syringe pump

Fluid is sent in and out of a piston screwing and unscrewing manually a capstan for volume variation. The pump can be isolated by valves to be mounted on the inlet out outlet lines of the pump.

Design pressure
400 bar 100 ml
600 bar 60 ml
1000 bar 40 ml
high pressure syringe manual pump
High pressure syringe manual pump
Jacket Double Jacket allowing an operation temperature between -10 to 100°C and the possibility to pump any liquefied gas.
Frame Skid mounting with stop, prime valve and manometer.


Cryogenic skid allowing you to transfer your low pressure liquid CO2.


  • Tank filling
  • High pressure pump supply
CO2 filling skid
CO2 filling with cryogenic skid


A tube closed by two lids offers complete view of the whole cell.

These cells are ideal for the inspection of whole cell. This also allows for the introduction of large parts into the cell and equipping the cell with range of instrumentation.

They are particularly suited for :

  • Multiphase behaviour visualization + sampling
  • Visualization of solubilisation processes in the mixture during long processes, which require efficient mixing (mixer option)
  • Atomisation and spray visualization (e.g. for SAS)
  • Solubilization study (Enhancement Oil Recovery, EOR)
sapphire windows cell
High pressure visualization cell
Visualization cell
SC 350 Pressure 350 bar at 150°C
Internal diameter 1/2" (volume : 15mL) or 1" (volume : 55mL).
SC 700 Pressure 700 bar at 150°C.
Internal diameter 1/2" (volume : 15mL).
Jacket Double jacket for heating the sapphire up to 100°C
Heating bath Heating bath for supplying hot fluid in the jacket.
Nozzle Nozzle connector on the top lid.
PTFE magnet PTFE magnet rod mixer supplied with flat bottom lid for easy rotation and the rotating magnet plate.
Mixer Variable speed mixer in the cell for viscous solutions observation or solid dissolution (available only for 1")
Sampling Sampling loop devices with valve system and precise volume sampling at the top or at the bottom
Oven Positioning of the cell in an oven heated up to 250°C. The oven has a window for observation.
Security Polycarbonate jacket to enhance security of the cell, in case of breakage.
Syringe Manual syringe pump with capstan and jacket mounted on a rig with pressure gauge and all valves for turnkey installation to fill the cell with liquid CO2 (or any liquefied gas).
HPLC HPLC pump to introduce liquid under pressure to 400 bar.