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Our team of engineers, designers, and technicians bring a diverse mix of skills and experience from initial concept through engineering, fabrication, assembly, and installation.

Extratex is used to supply basic or detailed engineering, scale-up and industrialization, costs estimation (OPEX / CAPEX), hazard studies, process improvements, and some special HP component design.


Extratex proposes curative or preventive maintenance on all our systems, as well as calibrations and certifications.

Our after-sales service propose a phone assistance, can repair components in our workshop, or can operate world-wide on-site.

Extratex technicians can also advise on process improvement thanks to their high knowledge and experiance on supercritical processes.

We also sell or revamp second-hand units as the life-time of our units is often very long.

Contact-us : contact@extratex-sfi.com

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