Our sectors of activity
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Pharmaceutical industry

Indispensable in the development of pharmaceutical products, supercritical CO2 has proven itself as a solvent of course, but also in the development of solid forms (drugs), substance encapsulation, sterilization, etc.

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Food industry

The use of CO2 as an extraction solvent makes it possible to dispense with organic solvents which can be harmful. The return to consumer demand for natural products intensifies this.

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Cosmetic industry

Extracts from natural substances are widely used as bioactive care components in cosmetic products. Essential oils, gained by CO2 extraction technology, give special flavor to parfums.

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CBD cannabinoid

From oils and capsules to topical creams and oral sprays, the CBD craze is booming. CBD is the main cannabinoid found in hemp

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Other applications

New sectors are opening up to supercritical CO2, treatment of plastic waste, petroleum industry, innovative materials (aerogel) and many others.

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Your application ?

Some applications require the development of new processes. In collaboration with our customers we offer process and product development to realize your ideas.