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SAS RESS PGSS, fluid extract and particle formation system

The SFP is a versatile equipment designed for extraction and particle formation processes in the lab.

Process available standard :

  • Extraction
  • RESS
  • SAS
  • PGSS (in option)
Supercritical Equipment SAS RESS PGSS

Particulary adapted for application where small quantities of products are available, this sytem can be used to determine the solubility of your products in a supercritical fluid, explore the feasibility of différent processes for crystallization or formulation, screening rapidely a while range of operating conditions.

Include components :

Components Description
Extration vessel 100 / 200 / 500 / 1000 ml at 700 bar with basket.
Atomisation vessel 500 ml at 350 bar.
with a particle collection basket for easy and safety handling.
Nozzle Heated RESS nozzle / different sizes available.
Co-axial SAS nozzle.
Separator For extract separation / CO2 depressurization and recycling.
Pressure Control Back pressure regulator to control the pressure.
CO2 pump Variable flow rate from 0 to 100 g/min.
Variable pressure from 0 to 1000 bar.
Co-solvent pump Flow rate up to 24 ml/min and pressure at 400 bar.

Option :

Components Description
PGSS option Magnetic stirrer on HP vessel.
Special valve to avoid plugging.
Special atomisation vessel.
Filter Absorbent bed cartridge in the recycling loop to trap lightest and volatile particules.
Automation Data acquisition and recording process value on PC.
Additional control with automated valve, to be discussed.
Sapphire window Window on HP vessel for solubility checking.
Supercritical Equipment SAS RESS PGSS Drawing

Versatile SFP system for RESS SAS PGSS